17th of April 2014
(via How to Decorate Series {day 23}: Making a Kitchen Feel Larger by Brooklyn Limestone | Home Stories A to Z)
16th of April 2014
 (via The Flight by ErikaSweeney on Etsy)
15th of April 2014
(via The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011 - Telegraph)
14th of April 2014
(via Crazy Wonderful: bubble magnets - tutorial)
13th of April 2014
(via Canvas to the Imagination » collage)
12th of April 2014

True Facts About The Owl (by zefrank1)

(via Canvas to the Imagination » collage)
11th of April 2014
(via Crafty, Scrappy, Happy: Another Crafty Project with my Vintage Encyclopedia)
10th of April 2014
Recycled CD earrings (via Make it easy crafts: Recycled CD earrings)
9th of April 2014
(via Wild birds are captured in amazing, award-winning photos)
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